Special Tours

Special Tour

You could join in one of our special tours or let us design a tour individually for you. We arrange private tours or group events for individuals, companies, birthday parties, family outings or many other occasions. You can also combine padling with other activities like cycling, swimming or rock diving.

Some of our special tours:


Padling and yoga have some things in common: both are activities which can calm down body and mind. We take a short paddle tour to the beach at Bygdoy Sjobad where our yoga-instructor is ready for a mindful session. Experience yoga on the beach with the sound of the waves in your ears. We’ll be doing soft yoga exercises, concentrating on your breathing and finish with relaxing. It will be one hour yoga and we will serve drinks afterwards. Take some warmer clothes with you for the relax phase. Yoga-Tours are scheduled for: July 7th. Other dates on request.


Nordic summer night tour

How about an active and/or romantic evening? Experience the Long summer nights or a fantastic sundown on the fjord. (Available in August/September)


After work

Be active after work! Come with friends and colleagues for a short trip on the fjord!


Lady’s night

Ladies amongst themselves can casually throw themselves into the kayaks, out of the kayaks, into the water, on the beach, into the sun … and have fun!



On a slightly longer tour you can experience the city’s highlights from a different perspective – from the water!

2-Day Excursion

Dreaming about a night on one of the islands in the Oslofjord? We know some fantastic places where we can stay over night, either in a tipi tent or in hammocks beneath the stars.  Included are 2 days padling, with lunch both days, diner and breakfast, as well as all necessary equipment, tent and/or hammocks.  You com with suitable clothes, sleeping bag and matress and whatever you need for a little adventure on the water!

Please contact us for more information.

Bird watching

Only a short paddle from the Marina we know the places where the young birds are playing. (Available in June.)

Other tours
2/3 hour trip

Get an introduction to kayaking, and experience highlights from the city and its surrounding nature.

Special tours

How about one of our Special tours with picnic, birdwatching, rockdiving or more. Or we design a tour according to your wishes!

Arrangements and Team Events

Kayaking is great for teambuilding or just for to have fun with your friends on the water. We can offer tailormade solutions!