About us

Green, active, individual

A silent passage over clear water makes you experience Oslo and it surroundings from a different perspective. This is the way to enjoy nature in an active and simultaneously completely Co2-neutral way.

Oslo Kayak Tours with its more than 3000 enthusiastic guests is the most competent supplier of professional guided event tours full of impressions, fun and action for all levels of activity.

Green – only 10 minutes by public transport brings you from the citycenter to our base. Our tours are completely CO2-neutral. For our catering we use only local, ecologic food. To experience your surroundings and simultaneously to help preserving it enhances the good feeling to be one with nature.

Active – if you can swim you can also paddle. You will certainly have fun with us and can be as active as you want to. Beaches, islands, small groups and inspiring instructors help you to try out new things and to experience the ocean actively in a kayak. With us you can be sporty in a relaxing way.

Individual – we have a wide variation of tours, from a short beginner tour to multi-day excursions. You like a picnic on a beach? Yoga in the sand? Combine kayaking with biking or hiking? We love individualists! Our experienced instructors are quick to evaluate which kind of boat and equipment fits you best an what kind of tour he or she will take you on – riding the waves or exploring the houseboats in the Marina. Whatever you want, we‘ll bring you there!


Annett Brohmann

Kayak instructor & amateur chef

Annett is a big user of Oslo and interested in everything from culture to food. She loves long tours, either on skis or in her kayak and is a passionate hobby cook. She speaks four languages. She is trained as tourguide of the Norwegian paddling association.


Tanja Ohlsen

Kayak instructor & museum enthusiast

Tanja is a kayak instructor and guide with international training in NPF, BCU and Salzwasserunion. Her favourite job is to turn hydrophobic beginners into enthusiastic paddlers. She knows Oslo’s museum scene and has paddled the whole Norwegian coast up to the Russian border.

Here at Oslo Kayak Tours we would love to share our enthusiasm with you.