We offer courses that will help you to be better, whatever level you are on. The groups are small so that we can take care of every participant individually. The courses follow the range of the Norwegian Paddling Association and entitle to the relevant certificates.

Our highly qualified instructors can give you an introduction to kayaking or extend your existing kayaking skills. We don’t offer courses on a regular Basis, but are happy to arrange courses for groups or individuals. You can learn how to manoeuvre your kayak, how to react in emergency situations or rescue somebody or even try an eskimo-roll – all under safe conditions and with lots of fun!

Introduction course for children

Every child wants to experience something thrilling, to follow the activities of grown-ups and to learn something new. This course will give them basic paddling-knowledge in a playful and funny way. Through games and exercises the kids get to know a kayak and how to use it. This could be the beginning of a life-long passion! Most kids who try kayaking come to love the activity and to be out in nature.

Ca. 3 hours
Age: 8 – 14 years
Price: Kr. 800,- incl. equipment  (incl. Kr. 100,- for certificate)

Introduction course for families

With this course the whole family will feel safer on the water. They can be active together and enjoy beautiful experiences. When grown-ups and kids paddle together, the generation gap is quickly closed, since out there we are all equals. We might not all have the same strength, but a child’s enthusiasm and energy can easily make up for this.

Ca. 3 hours
Age 8 – 80 years
Price: Adults Kr. 1450,- incl. equipment, Children  kr. 800,- (incl. Kr. 100,- for certificate).

Introduction course

Within approximately 3 hours you will learn to manage the boat and the basic techniques. In small groups we can take care of everybody individually, so that everybody gets the best out of the course.

Ca. 3 hours
Price: 1450,- incl. equipment and certificate

The introduction courses give you basic knowledge about how to use a kayak

  • How to get in and out of the boat
  • Paddling forward and backward
  • Various paddling techniques
  • Basic rescue techniques

Would you like to train more?

Basic course

After a 16-hour basic course you will feel much safer on the water and manage several rescue techniques. This course can be held on a weekend or on several evenings.

Technique course

Hone your skills and get a better understanding of the complexity of kayaksport. This 16-hour course can be held on a weekend or on several evenings.

Tourguide course

If you want to become a guide yourself or just learn how to safely lead your friends or family on a kayak tour, this would be a course where you can learn how to handle unexpected situations.

In addition to these official courses according to the Norwegian system we offer rolling classes, case trainings and tourplanning courses