Perfect for families with children (min. 6 years old)

Good alternative for those who want a paddling trip on calm water

Learn more about the exciting history and experience a unique nature

On request

Guided tour on lake Bogstad with exciting history

We can offer kayak or canoe trips on the idyllic Bogstadvannet, a large freshwater lake located between Oslo and Bærum. This is a good starting point for paddling trips for families with children and for those who want a paddling trip on calm water.

The start of the trip is at the beach, where it’s easy to get into the boats. We paddle past Bogstad Manor, a beautiful estate from the 1600s and presents a splendid sight from the water.

Furthermore, we paddle to the mouth of the Sørkedalselven river, which winds its way into the valley. Here, we can paddle upstream on a winding, calm river with exciting nature and wildlife on both sides.

The trip continues to the northeastern corner of the lake and disembarks at Bjørnsgard, which can be considered a small Norwegian folk museum with several small log houses and farm buildings, the oldest building are up to 800 years old and are among the oldest well-preserved in the world. Here we take a short break with coffee and a light snack before paddling back to the beach.

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